Ex-CBI chief Lakshminarayana yet to get post

Published Dec 29, 2013, 1:37 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 3:20 am IST
Former CBI chief Lakshminarayana still waiting for posting in Maharashtra.

HyderabadAmid reports of entering politics like Arvind Kejriwal, former CBI joint director V.V. Lakshminarayana said on Saturday that he was still waiting for a posting.

For the past six months he has not been given a posting in Maharashtra after his deputation in CBI at Hyderabad ended on June 14.


Lakshminarayana is a Maharashtra cadre IPS officer and had worked in Hyderabad CBI for seven years. His social activity and participation in several programmes added fuel to the rumour.

Lakshminarayana was actively taking part in several programmes for the youth in the city and other parts of the state. His focus is mostly on Kurnool district.

When this newspaper spoke to him about his political entry, he said, “I am still waiting for my posting.” When asked why it was being delayed, he said, “You should ask this question to the Maharashtra CM.”


About the recent SMS poll survey he said, “You better ask the TV channel that aired it.”

Born in Srisailam in Kurnool district, Lakshminarayana is an M.Tech graduate from IIT Madras. He worked as SP Nanded and in the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad.

He was posted in Hyderabad in June 2006. He often visits his home town Srisailam and is the chairman of the Srisailam Project School Old Students’ Association. He has been taking part in book release functions and visited several temples across the State.

On Saturday he took part in a youth training session at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan in the city where he addressed a gathering of around 2500 youth.


Interestingly he warned the youth about Facebook. Lakshminarayana said, “Facebook, apps and many such interactive social media are slapped on us so much so that we end up spending a lot of time on them.

We have stopped thinking about anything else. Indians are good thinkers and proven thinkers. These gadgets, gizmos, interactive social media are making Indians non-thinking.

“For many, Facebook has become life. Having a Facebook account has become a fad. Having more likes on FB or more friends on FB is being claimed as a feather in the cap, as a great achievement. It is not important how many friends you have on Facebook. What is important is how many come to your rescue when you are in a crisis, when you need help. None?”


Replying to a question, he said, “Don’t ever get into civil services just for the sake of your own benefit or for the sake of your family.

Get into it only when you think of people and of serving them. Let people see a god in a Collector, who solves their problems. There are no government servants or government officers. There are only public servants, whose job is to solve public problems, that’s all, nothing more or less.”


Location: Andhra Pradesh