Serial killers get filmi

Published Dec 28, 2013, 9:46 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 3:15 am IST
A few of our top Sandalwood stars like Yash and Radhika had their initiation in television.

Being in front of the camera comes easy for these stars, as we have seen them enact effortlessly on television in serials and reality shows. Now, they have embraced the silver screen with the same passion and are currently the reigning superstars in tinsel town. Be it Yash, Radhika Pandit or the latest entrants Harshika and Anushree, 2013 has seen these actors proving their talent, as big production houses sign them on new ventures. 

This is not something unheard off in Tinsel Town, but what’s new is that these actors claim to be a store house of talent and determination with their blockbuster hits. After a small stint with television in 'Nimmindha Nimagaagi', Harshika Poonacha says everything happened to her by chance. “Be it acting in television or cinema, I just got into it without much difficulty. When I was shooting for the show, I simultaneously got a lot of offers from big production houses,” she says. Speaking to the current superstar Yash, who moved in from the small screen as he was part of Nanda Gokula and many other serials. He says that “A lot of people did not encourage me when I took the plunge into the silver screen, but I was quite sure of what I wanted to do and I think it is your talent that pays off in the end.” Adding to that he says that, one thing that television actors enjoy as movie stars is that, “I love it, when some people who watch serials on a regular basis and then look at me and say that they had predicted that I would become a movie star one day.” 

While Yash and Radhika Pandit debuted with Moggina Manasu and took the plunge into cinema at the same time, they have made their presence felt with their successes. Radhika who acted in serials like Nandagokula, Sumangali and Kadhambari says that she owes it to her television roots. She adds, “You learn a lot from television as people in the film industry do not have the luxury of time and they do not teach you acting on the sets.” The next promising actress to follow the footsteps of her contemporaries is VJ Anushree, who is debuting in Sandalwood with her new movie Benki Patna. She says, “I want to focus on performance oriented roles and I feel cinema is a wholesome experience in acting and you need to be prepared for a bit of yin and yang.”



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