Chic chicas, cool dudes

Published Dec 26, 2013, 8:49 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 2:51 am IST
We visited four colleges in the city: MCC, Christ University, MES and Jain, to check what the students are sporting this winter.

It’s time to pile up sweaters, cardigans, leather jackets and neon accessories in your closets if you want to be among the trendy girls in college this winter.

We scour a few of the city’s most popular colleges and see what’s trending. “High waist pants and woollen crop tops are in vogue. So are oversized pullovers with leggings. A few team their clothes with smart boots and of course, ballerinas are still trendy!” says Poorvika Ranganath from Mount Carmel College. A fashionista herself, she likes to sport leggings with funky prints and loves brightly-coloured, tribal/animal print scarves.


Although most college students are free to dress how they want to, dress codes do hold some back.

Gurpreet Kaur from Christ University thinks winter clothing suits their dress code the best. “A few girls wear pretty cardigans. It’s a particularly cold winter so I’ve noticed people wearing gloves as well,” she says.

Niharika Koushik, from Jain College says they have found a new tactic abide by the rules and look good. “Although we have to wear kurtas, we wear pullovers over them and tuck in our kurtas,” she laughs. “People mostly wear their college/class sweat shirts. Round-neck pullovers with zips are also trending,” she says.

But it’s not only clothes and accessories that have to be paid attention to. Nail art is a huge trend this season.

“The latest trend is that the ring finger is painted a different colour, while the others are the same,” says Prerana Kamat from MES.

Gelicure is another art that is trending, where they coat nails with a gel, that makes the paint last for over a month.

Anmol Bajaj  from MCC, says she is fascinated by Caviar nail paint, something she predicts will hit the market soon. She adds that everybody is going crazy with neon! “Be it scarves, tops, hair bands, bags or nail paint,  every girl has neon in her closet,” she informs.

For the college boys of Bangalore, though, dressing is simple. “We can wear jeans, t-shirt and shoes with a jacket all year round,” says Arjun Rajmohan of CMS.

But there are also a few who are considerably fashion conscious. “We wear cotton chinos with tees and jackets. Some wear shirts with sleeveless vests. Cotton caps and Vans shoes are also common,” says Nagesh Magaji, from Jain College.


Location: Karnataka