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Will take action against 'corrupt' ex-Cong ministers: Kejriwal

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Published on: December 24, 2013 | Updated on: Invalid date

The video says AAP is forming 'minority government' with outside support from Congress.

New Delhi: All set to form the government in Delhi with the outside support from Congress, AAP Convener Arvind Kejriwal today said his government will take action against any "corrupt" minister of the previous Congress regime.

In a two-minute video, he justified taking support from Congress and how despite that it was determined to follow its own agenda and fulfil the promises made to the people of Delhi.

The video begins with Kejriwal saying (after poll results were out) they had got two kinds of views, one asking them to "keep away from both Congress and BJP" while the other said "form the government and prove that we can deliver" when Congress was extending support and prove that it can run a government fulfilling its promises.

AAP clarified that no ministry would be given to any Congress candidate in the government and they "will take action against any previous corrupt minister of Congress and BJP".

Kejriwal says people were passionate about their views. So the party had again to go to people to get a referendum on the issue.

The video shows that in the public meetings, people in "overwhelming" majority said "Yes" to AAP forming the government. It also claimed that opinion of over 26 lakh people were taken before the party decided to stake its claim.

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"Yes, we are forming the minority government with outside support" says the message and then explains what is a minority government.

It says "no ministry will be given to Congress, which will not be part of the government". 

AAP reaffirmed its stand and said it would implement all 18 promises it had made to people of Delhi and which were also highlighted in the letters to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and BJP Chief Rajnath Singh by Kejriwal while seeking their stand.

Kejriwal's party hit out BJP for attacking AAP over the issue of forming government with Congress support.

"What is BJP's strategy? If we don't form the government, they said we are running away. If we from the government, they say we are the B-team of Congress," the message in the video says.

Reiterating that they were not bothered about Congress or BJP, AAP said they only think of the common man and their focus was on solving people's problems. 

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