An all-new experience for Roshan Basheer

Published Dec 24, 2013, 9:56 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 2:27 am IST
The hazel-eyed actor Roshan Basheer is getting accolades for his latest 'Drishyam'.

Jeethu Joseph’s recent flick 'Drishyam' is getting rave reviews from critics as well as movie buffs. The  movie is a massive hit and Roshan Basheer is on cloud nine.

The  character he plays in the movie is getting accolades. “I got to act in this film  through my father’s friend. He asked me to send my photographs to Jeethu sir. After a few days, I got a call for a screen test and I landed this film. Thanks to Jeethu sir, this film is a milestone in my acting career,” says an elated Roshan.


“The story is crafted in such a way that every character has its importance in moving the story forward. The character that I have played, Varun, is of a very arrogant person, and has his share of suspense in the movie,” says Roshan.

An interesting fact is that though his character is an integral part of the story, his presence was not revealed in posters and promotional stills. Roshan laughs and says, “That was the director’s ploy to divert the attention of the audience from the real story. He didn’t want to reveal the mystery of my character, which is key to the movie’s plot.”


He says that the movie has brought him recognition like never  before. “My debut in films was with 'Plus Two' and I did many projects after that. People never remembered my name, but recognised me as the hazel-eyed man.  When I went to watch this movie, people didn’t recognise me. However, after watching this movie, the scene has changed. People have started calling me by name and are appreciating my performance.”

Talking about his future plans, the aspiring actor says, “I want to do more character roles. A Tamil project is in the pipeline. I think I should take my future steps more carefully.”