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AAP's 'hypocrisy' exposed in taking Congress support to form govt: BJP

Published Dec 24, 2013, 2:47 am IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 2:16 am IST

New Delhi: Attaking AAP's decision to form government in Delhi with Congress support, BJP today said it has exposed Arvind Kejriwal-led party’s “hypocrisy and duplicity” in its claim to cleanse politics of corruption.

“An AAP-Congress government is a contradiction in itself. How can a party, which professed to cleanse Indian politics, form an alliance with the most corrupt political party in the world,” said BJP leader Harsh Vardhan today in press statement following AAP’s announcement to go ahead with government formation.

Vardhan, who has dubbed AAP as a "B team" of Congress, predicted mid-term polls very soon saying he is confident that Congress "with its tradition of chicanery and corruption, will not allow AAP to perform and soon there will be mid-term polls."

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"This cannot be accepted by the people of Delhi. Its contradictions also makes it a most transient arrangement. It won't be long before a mid-term election is thrust on the people of Delhi," Vardhan said adding BJP is mentally and physically prepared for another round of polls.

Vardhan said that instead of facing fresh elections, AAP chose to "compromise" on its core principles to attain power and "betrayed" the trust of Delhi residents. "I strongly feel that this decision of AAP is literally a betrayal of the wishes of the people of Delhi because only recently, they have given a mandate thoroughly rejecting Congress in the 2013 assembly election," he said.

“This government will be starting on the wrong foot because its apparently dominant partner, AAP would be compromising its core principles.

All talk of honesty, transparency would vanish soon. “Congress, with just eight MLAs, would be the tail that wags the dog.

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Already three senior Congress leaders have made it clear that their party’s support is 'not unconditional'. 

The fact that AAP has agreed to this changed position – and that too within a week of demanding unconditional support – shows how desperate its leaders are for power", said Vardhan adding "good man" AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal buckled before his ambitious and self-serving comrades. 

Slamming the "referendum" sought by Kejriwal before taking the decision to form government, Vardhan said it is a "sham and an insult" to the real dimension of democracy.

"You gather a couple of hundred people anywhere or multiple places in the city and ask them to give a particular mandate in your favour or against you, I think that’s not the spirit of democracy in the name of Swaraj. I think that is an insult to the real dimension of democracy", he said.

“Everybody knows that SMS texts and emails that were sent urging AAP to agree to a power-sharing arrangement were sent from Congress headquarters. If Kejriwal really wanted to hear the people’s voice, the only credible and convincing process was an election. But he ran away,” alleged Vardhan adding Congress "has come back through the back door".

Terming AAP’s policies “outlandish” and "impractical", Vardhan said his party will sit in the opposition and work for the welfare of people. 



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