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Euphoria singer Palash Sen 'should apologise for sexist remark'

Published Dec 23, 2013, 10:05 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 2:13 am IST
Women are for beauty, men are for intelligence, Euphoria singer said at an IIT-B event.

Mumbai: Pop-singer Palash Sen has come under the flak of an IIT-Bombay girl student for his alleged sexist remarks on women's beauty and intelligence.

Sen along with his band Euphoria, was performing in IIT-B when the front-man asked the audience 'Are there good-looking girls in IIT-B?', a girl student wrote in her blog.


The blog which was trending on Twitter on Monday stated of the singer's apparent consolation to the boys of the campus. Sen said, “Don’t worry guys, you will find the best looking women when you leave this campus. Aur woh tumhaare liye roti belenge.”

The girl wrote in her blog that, the audience agreeably cheered at this gallantry and were vindicated. Sen went on to say, “Women are for beauty, men are for intelligence. You have to agree that men are more intelligent than women, don’t you?”

When she asked the event managers, they replied saying that it was all done in good humour.


The student expressing disappoint insisted for a public apology from Euphoria and wants the band banned from the campus. She also requested other institutions to do the same.

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