Tanisha’s my best friend: Armaan Kohli

Published Dec 23, 2013, 10:30 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 2:14 am IST
Armaan Kohli has been eliminated just a week before the finale.

The “bad boy” of the Bigg Boss house, Armaan Kohli has been eliminated just a week before the finale. The actor however claims that he has no regrets.

He says, “I stayed for 97 days and I’m already a winner. It’s not easy staying that long but I loved it. This was my first reality show and I had to stay with 15 to 20 people with different mentalities. I felt like a child while performing tasks. There were arguments and fights but I learnt to deal with them. In a normal situation, I would just sit in my car and go home but here you have to see these people every day. We would have issues over tissues.”


Speaking about the finalists Tanisha Mukherji, Andy, Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan and Gauhar Khan, he says, “Tanisha is superb — she is cool and calm. Andy, with his jokes has his own charm. Sangram plays with a sportsman spirit, Ajaz is a comic figure and Gauhar is over-smart. Tanisha is my best friend and my heart says she should win but my second choice would be either Andy or Sangram.”

It has often been said that Tanisha, due to her love for Armaan, behaved like a “doormat” and did not revolt when he ill treated he. To this, Armaan says, “Tanisha is completely misunderstood. She is not a doormat. She is, in fact, headstrong and is a great friend. She is a cool and calm player. I don’t like people calling her a doormat.”

When asked about future plans, the actor reveals, “I am working on three home productions. I’m also doing a Rumi Jaffery film. Ab main Salman Khan ke paas naukri maangne jaaunga. I want to be the bad boy in reel life, not real life. If Karan Johar or Sooraj Barjatya ask me to audition for a negative role, I will tell them watch Bigg Boss. That will be good enough.”

Recently, the show took a controversial turn when Armaan was arrested after a fellow inmate filed a complaint stating that he had assaulted her. Speaking about the issue he says, “In Bigg Boss or Big Brother, you are not even allowed to put a finger on anyone. If I had hit her, Bigg Boss would have never called me back on the show. I pray that Sofia gets some mental peace. My parents haven’t taught me to wish ill for others. Main dua karunga unko khushi mile.”