Coal shortage affects Unit-1 of Vallur plant

Published Dec 22, 2013, 5:25 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 1:55 am IST

Chennai: Even as the state reels un­der power shortage, power generation has been suspended in one 500-meg­aw­att unit of the Vallur thermal power plant due to coal shortage.

Unit-I had been shut down since December 15 due to inadequate supply of coal from the Talcher coal mines of Mahanadhi Coal­fields Limited, a subsidi­ary of Coal India Limited, according to a a senior official of the Vallur project, a joint venture between the TN Generation and Distr­ibution Corpo­ration (Tan­ge­dco) and Nat­ional Ther­m­al Power Co­r­poration (NTPC).


Tamil Nadu gets nearly 350 MW as its share from each unit of its 2x500 MW Val­lur thermal plant. “We have been receiving a short supply of coal from the Tal­cher mines due to the ongoing workers’ protest,” the off­icial said, adding that the plant would resume op­e­rations only on Jan­uary 5.

The official pointed out that not only their Vallur plant, but all other plants getting coal supply from Talcher were also affected. The Vallur thermal station requires 13,400 tonnes of coal per day. It meets 53 per cent of its coal needs from domestic coalfields and the remainder through coal imports.

On Friday, Tangedco met a morning peak demand of 11,724 MW while enforcing a load shedding of 511 MW. A senior Tangedco official said that the power su­pply from the central generating unit dropped by nearly 400 MW due to shutdown of one unit of Vallur plant and ongoing annual maintenance of two units of NLC station. On an average, the state receives nearly 300 MW from a unit of Vallur station and 100 MW from two units of NLC, the official said.

Location: Tamil Nadu