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Chalk out your goals!

Published Dec 22, 2013, 6:01 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 1:56 am IST
Learn to comparmentalise your life so that you are able to strike a balance.

There is no pressure at my work-space, but it somehow works on my mind and I keep thinking about work long after I leave office hours. I am under constant pressure because of this and it impacts my personal relationships be it with  my family or friends who are all from different professions, and hence would not understand the nature of job. What should I do to stop myself from thinking about work and work-related stuff at home?

Learn to create hour-tight compartments for different parts of your life — family, work, personal and social. Each of these areas accesses different parts of your personality. Some areas expect a purposeful, serious part of you to manifest, whereas others access the playful child in you. Each space has much to add to your sense of happiness and satisfaction, as they allow different parts of yourself to blossom. So learn to switch off from one to the other smoothly. Some people use a bath, meditation and fresh, home clothes to switch into their warm, nurturing, home selves. Do not carry work home or carry domestic worries to office. Life is a many splendoured thing. Find time to enjoy and celebrate, to laugh, to love and find wonder in everyday things.

How does one use time effectively? I work from home and usually find myself on the phone so much, that I am unable to answer personal calls, and chat with friends and family. So much so, that now most of my close friends and family have stopped calling me. I also think that work completely takes me on to another planet, which is why I am usually so late for most personal errands and during this festive season, it's not such a great thing. Do tell me how I can manage my time as everyone is either angry with me or has realised that they would rather not call or connect. I am drowining in this. please help.


Do not be a slave to your cellphone. Record all the numbers important to you. Prioritise the calls you have to take. You don’t have to jump up and take calls at all times of day or night. It works for many, to set apart time to return office calls and a different time to answer personal calls. Tell your friends and family about a convenient time when you will be “at home” for them. This way your dear ones will know what is good time to call you.  Ask your friends and family to SMS if it is urgent, critical or an emergency. This way you will be more effective and feel more in control of your time. In brief consider the Big five rules of Time management.
1. Set priories
2. Give time to building relationships
3. Take time to plan
4. Take time to organise
5. Finally, be flexible
God willing you will achieve great things, while still finding time to Live! Before your internal clock stops ticking.