Beauty lies in the beads

Beads are used to stunning effect in curtains that create an air of mystery and romance.

­Sreeti Mondol, Designer

At times, design for me lies in that which is simple and untouched. At other times, that which is intricate catches my fancy. So design is really in the eye of the beholder — it can be in the beautiful design formation of clouds or in the karigari of a handloom sari.

At, our concept of design is about creating “design in beads”. I specialise in creating high-end customised beaded curtains and screens in a flexible, modern, dynamic and more eclectic avatar.

Every space needs to be tackled with its own distinct design and lifestyle requirements. Keeping this in mind, I love designing customised bead curtains which allow for a romance with colour, light and texture and also act as natural connectors between spaces.

Beaded curtains are a unique lifestyle and fashion statement and have the ability to create privacy without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar, hotel, home or restaurant.

It is a simple and malleable concept — the bead curtain. With the right creative treatment, it can make for effective statements in architectures and interiors — either dramatic or subtle. Apart from beaded curtains, we have bright coloured bead installations and screens as well.

For my recent projects, I have been moving in the direction of glass and acrylic crystals but handmade glass beads are the raw materials I most like to work with.

Materials like pure glass, crystal, Australian shells, treated PVC, stained or sprayed acrylic, acrylic crystal and wood allow me to create popular designs such as “Moroccan”, “Pomegranate Gold”, “Bold Polka”, “Gold Basket”, “Traditional Aztec”, “Descending Amber”, “Pink on Pink”, “Leaf” and “Chandelier Décor” beaded curtains among others.

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