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Published Dec 21, 2013, 3:58 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 1:42 am IST
Jayshree Poddar's exhibition will reveal her creative side through fabric art.

Bangalore will witness cloth as a new form of art, with Jayshree Poddar's exhibit “Chasing the Orange“ which features her association with fabrics and textiles.

She has created artistic pieces through her love for fabric, materials and cloth. A one-ofkind art installation in the country, it creates a visual statement in terms of spirituality, vitality and transformation through cloth.


Jayashree Poddar's association with textiles takes her back to ages as a young girl where, she has been associated with textile designing.

Talking about the art pieces in "Chasing the Orange" stems from the fact that she has been associated long enough with fabrics to learn the intrinsic value of it. She effuses, “Weaving has always been my forte but when people think of textiles, the images that conjures up in their minds is either furnishings or fashion. But I am trying to explore fabric as a medium to explain form to formlessness though my installations."


The title of her exhibit is synonymous with her love for the colour 'orange' which she says, “signifies spirituality, vitality and change."

She adds, “It is the colour of a fire-spark, a yogi's robes in the spiritual and philosophical sense and much more and it is this aspect of the colour that I try to showcase a person's inner-sense. It was an effort to show how these aspects get integrated in a single 3-dimensional sculpture with cloth as a medium."  

She goes onto add that, “It is best viewed at night as I have tried to makes sense of light and fabric as intersperse to create artistic pieces."


A detailed explanation of one of the art pieces she says involves, “Connecting 260 threads to make just one centimetre." She adds, “I want the viewer to be a participant and come to witness the whole space and take back the knowledge by themselves. There has to be a self-exploration more than my explanation, as I want them to look inwards and make them understand what I have come to explain."

Being a first-of-its kind she says, that such exhibitions might be there in future but, “Though we can expect people to come forward with such concepts, however they can be done effectively through people who have been associated with the medium over the years."


The event is open for viewing on December 24 to 25, 6.30pm onwards.