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Published Dec 21, 2013, 3:12 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
This businessman-turned-author just released "The Treasure of Kafur", an adventure thriller.

Be it Shah Jahan, Rana Prathap Singh or just a Suppandi tale, Aroon Raman's love for characters is beyond imagination. A five-minute conversation with the man, would take you on a whirlwind trip into childhood. This passion for stories is what made him write his latest novel "The Treasure of Kafur", which hit bookstores in December.

Growing up, he says, he always knew that he would become a writer. A prolific businessman, he has been interested in reading as he reminisces, “I have always been surrounded with people who told me mythological episodes. This made me feel that I could also tell a tale and get the attention of my reader. I remember churning up tales to impress my classmates and friends."


Since he was well-connected with the business world, writing always took the backstage. He says, “I was engrossed in the world of entrepreneurship for almost 10 to 20 years and never had the time to sit and focus on creating a piece. Writing needs its own time and space and involves a lot of commitment. I did not have that luxury at hand."

His latest book, he says, took close to seven years.

Both his books are adventure and mystery thrillers. “We do not need to create our own imaginative world for telling a story - history is filled with such incidents that would interest us till date and each of have our own perspective and version of it making it easy to understand," he says.

His book "The Treasure of Kafur" deals with a set of episodes from Mughal India and is an adventure thriller. It is expected to break new ground in the genre of thriller and adventure fiction in Indian writing. About Indian readers he says, “There is an emergence of good quality read ers who are interested in history thrillers."

His favourite author still remains William Dalrymple as he says, “His in-depth stories have a kind of flavour that would interest readers of any generation."

Apart from all this, Aroon is a lover of nature and travels a lot, through his frequent treks around the world. He says, “I get inspired to write through these treks like the last one where I could add a lot of essence through my experiences in the region."



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