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Celeb wives are putting their foot down (even walking out) and are in no mood to take any more nonsense from their spouses.

Star wives are not willing to lead the submissive docile lives they once did. Over the past few years they have grown bolder and stronger, at least as far as relationships are concerned. Reena Khan had decided to leave Aamir Khan despite him being a huge star and now Sussanne Roshan has followed suit. Both these women have become role models for many women who are trapped in unhappy marriages.

Sandalwood actress Kriti Kharbanda opines, “Women today are not willing to sacrifice their self-respect for the sake of luxury.” Speaking of a certain star wife she says, “When prominent women stand-up for their right and do not allow their dignity to be trampled upon, it sets a precedent for many other women who might be in similar situations.”

Psychologist Dr Mallika Raghavendra attributes the change to the growing economic stability and empowerment of women. “The wife in question is a working lady. Besides unlike a few years ago, if a woman walked out on her husband, it was considered a taboo, times have changed now. Her friends and family are more than willing to support her should she need their help,” explains the psychologist.

She further adds walking out of a marriage for a star wife is much harder given the constant attention on her and her relationship with her husband. She is the other half of the ‘star couple’. “Celebs need to keep up an appearance and if they decide to end a long-term relationship, rest assured there would be a truck-load of criticism. I am sure Sussanne knew what would happen should she walk out. But at the end of the day, she is a human being who needs to look after her well-being,” Dr Mallika states.

The economic independence has also made women realise that they are self sufficient and don’t need a man to depend on. Telly actress Roopal Tyagi concurs with the psychologist and adds, “I feel financial independence has strengthened the willpower of many who now stand up for themselves. There is no need to be with someone who makes you unhappy or belittles your self-respect. I think their threshold for nonsense is better defined now.”

Actor Diganth feels that globalisation has been another catalyst. “I think it’s great that women are taking ownership of their lives. There are plenty of celebs in the West who have walked out of troubled relationships and I feel that Indian women are taking a cue from them and incorporating it in their own lives,” he feels. Another actor who is happy that women are standing tall is Bollywood actor, Arjan Bawja. He says, “If a woman isn’t happy in a relationship and it is tormenting her, by all means she should walk out. I see no reason for her to put up with nonsense.”

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