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Published Dec 20, 2013, 7:51 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 1:32 am IST
Bikramjit Gupta in a still from the movie 'Oraalppokkam'.
 Bikramjit Gupta in a still from the movie 'Oraalppokkam'.

Bikramjit Gupta is no stranger to the world of films, but it is his appearance in front of the camera that makes his experience in Sanal Kumar Sasidharan's upcoming movie 'Oraalppokkam' special. A Bengali director with ten years experience, Bikramjit says he plays a small but powerful role in the movie.

“The movie is a discovery of different facets of life by the lead characters through the people they meet. I'm only one of the characters who appears during the jouney. However, each character plays a role in shaping the final perspective. I play the role of a monk in Haridwar. So my character was limited to the shooting in Uttarakhand region," he adds.

Bikramjit says it was his close association with director Sanal that prompted him to attempt acting. “I met Sanal in 2003 when I came down to Kerala to attend a short film festival in Kerala where one of my films 'Laden Is Not My Friend' was nominated. We bonded immediately because of our interest in parallel cinema, and our friendship has continued to date," says Bikramjit.

'Laden Is Not My Friend' went on to win the best short film title at the festival.

Bikramjit adds, “When I was approached with the script of 'Oraalppokkam', I found it very interesting and agreed to do the part. The concept is new and it explores human psychology in parallels with nature. Hopefully, I have done a good job of my role in the movie," he says.

Bikramjit's latest work, an independent Bengali feature film titled 'Achal' (The Stagnant) released last year, also made its presence in many international film festivals like Imagine India Film Festival Madrid, 2013 and the Euro Asia Black Night Film Festival. 

“I'm working on another project now, but funding is an issue when we make serious movies. So the production details are still being worked out," he says.




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