No six-pack for Karthi

Published Dec 18, 2013, 4:20 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 1:01 am IST
Karthi’s fans are eagerly waiting for his next film, 'Biriyani', opposite Hansika.

Karthi’s fans are eagerly waiting for his next film, 'Biriyani', opposite Hansika. “It’s about two friends. One day, they go out for biriyani when an incident takes place that changes their lives,” says Karthi.

Talking about Hansika, he says, “When she joined for the second schedule we were all surprised to see how much weight she had lost. We had to buy new costumes as the old one’s did not fit. Of course, you can’t see the difference on screen as we managed it in editing,” laughs Karthi.


His last two films had not fared well and Karthi says that he was not to blame. “The directors had narrated good stories to me, but when it came to execution, somewhere we lost it. I realised it when we were shooting, but the directors were confident,” says Karthi.

Coming back to 'Biriyani', the actor has also sung in the film. “This is music director Yuvan’s 100th film. In Tamil I made a few mistakes, but when it came to Telugu, the music director wanted to correct those mistakes and I sang perfectly,” says Karthi.


When asked about his brother Suriya’s comments about his singing, Karthi says, “He told me that I was influenced by S.P. Balu garu. The song is in the 80s style and I like Balu garu’s song.”

His brother Suriya got a good opening this year with 'Singam 2' where Hansika played one of the female leads. Does she compare between the brothers? “Yes, she says that I am more talkative. My brother is serious with his work,” says Karthi.

The actor has lost a few kilos for the film. “Yes, I wanted to look stylish and urban,” he says. Talking about the six-pack trend, Karthi says that he is not suited for it. “I don’t like six-packs. If you get six-packs in a short time, it will cause health problems,” he says. “Only superman needs a six-pack, that’s why I don’t do that kind of films,” he laughs.