Is he a man child?

Published Dec 16, 2013, 3:28 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 12:29 am IST
If he cracks up at fart jokes, or can't have enough of his 'boys' time out' you're probably dealing with a man child.

If he cracks up at fart jokes, turns up in sneakers at a formal party or can't have enough of his 'boys' time out' you're probably dealing with a man child. Take a cue.

Perpetual Adolescent  


One thing that behavioural specialists who've closely examined the man child phenomenon (okay, we're making a bunch of people with lot of time on their hands sound more important than they really are, but they do raise good points) agree on, is that they display all the characteristic traits of an adolescent--except they display these traits even when they're well into their late 20s (and fie for shame, early-30s).

The man child, they agree, is stuck in a time warp, and while seems to have grown up in some ways hasn't in others. Think of the man child as a being Tom Hanks in the movie 'Big'. The body and all the trappings of a full grown adult male, but the personality of a 13-year-old boy within. And that's the man child in a nut shell, all else becomes clear.


Runs To The Woman For Rescue

The perpetual man child, as seen in popular culture, is hardly likely to come to the rescue of his lady--instead it is the lady who might have to do the saving, if it is required.

Whether it is screwing on a light bulb or getting the sink unclogged, the man child is not of much use in situations that require quick decision making or follow through action. Resign yourself to the fact that if the plumber needs calling, you're going to end up being the one, more often than not, that does it.

Unfortunately (and boy, do we sympathise) the man child may just expect you to wait on him like his mommy did. You'll of course, have to gently but firmly refuse.


Can't Commit 

All of the analysis of the phenomenon of the man child seems to agree on one point--that he displays an absolute reluctance to commit--and not just to a relationship.

In fact, the man child may go to extreme lengths to prove that he is, in fact, not in a serious rela tionship (never mind that he sleeps over at your place on six nights of the week and occupies half your closet space too). The man child is likely to beg off from a fourth or fifth date claiming he's not ready for the responsibility, but that's not the only thing he'll beg off from.


Endearing he may very well be, but don't expect the man child to commit to any course of action that requires a sustained involvement from him, be it a long-term course or investment of some sort.

Dresses Like A Child Too

With him behaving like one, you can expect that the way a man child dresses gives fair indication of his inner state. Now this may not always be a giveaway trait.

Some man children can be quite the macho (or metrosexual) dressers. But for the typical man child, the way he dresses is a throwback to the time he's stuck in. Remember Joey trying to dress like a teen in 'FRIENDS' to land an acting gig--underwear showing over the waistband of his jeans and all?  Perhaps not in quite the same hip-hop fashion, but your typical man child too displays apparel that is best suited for someone of a far younger age group, and given half a chance, would be fairly sloppy to boot. 


Now remember, you can change what he wears but not what's within, so take a call on whether you really want to invest the time in changing this guy's wardrobe.

Fart Jokes Are Still Funny

Now there's no accounting for a juvenile sense of humour--and it's a fine distinction indeed between a man child and a man who enjoys the bawdy joke when told well.

Hey, women enjoy fart jokes on occasion too, but if his idea of funny is to hold a gass-passing contest all evening long in front of the telly with his friends, you can probably deduce that you have a bonafide man child in your midst. ?