72nd Day Of Lockdown

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Tussar's musical tryst

Published Dec 16, 2013, 4:32 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 12:31 am IST
Shashiv is a textile aficionado and his love for both fabric and music has led him to create a tapestry of vivid colours of unbridled exuberance.
(L) Shashiv Chandran; (R) A few of his pieces from the exhibition.
 (L) Shashiv Chandran; (R) A few of his pieces from the exhibition.

How would you react when someone says that, certain fabrics echo musical notes and carry a sense of rhythmic melodrama. Shashiv Chandran just does not stop with that, he is an exceptional designer who feels that Tussar silk has music in it, that too “a happy music", He is showcasing his experimental collection 'Tussar Tarana' at Ambara.

This Delhi-based designer has been interested in handlooms and textiles from his early childhood.


After completing his graduation at Delhi Unversity, Shashiv gained knowledge of the handloom artists during his initial years at the Taj Group. His expertise in Indian handlooms and their design made him an expert in the field after which he went onto open UTSAV -his flagship store.

About his recent exhibition 'Tussar Tarana' which showcases sarees, dupattas and fabrics, he says, he owes it to his musically inclined family.

“My mother is a Carnatic music enthusiast and hence, music and dance are an integral part in our home ambience." He adds, “When I was working with the Tussar fabric, I felt that it had a kind of music in it. Just like any tarana, which is measured by mixing rhythms and swaras. In 'Tussar Tarana', I have played with the special quality of Tussar silk and I have enhanced the fabric with a neat play of design and patterns through a new range of hand-block prints and a few samples of Japanese technique of Shibori tie-and-dye."

His design focus is mainly on Indian colours which have a special colour palette of vegetable colours.

He says, “The intrinsic value of vegetable-dye is much sought after as they are eco-friendly and non-hazardous. I particularly enjoy working with dyes like kashish, indigo, chilka, alum and haldi." The uniqueness in his Tussar designs he says is that, “The fabric has a rough texture and its unique fall make it a much desired piece. Our handblocks are unique and we have them made to reflect our aesthetics."

His pieces start from Rs 2,000 onwards.

Apart from this, Shashiv is passionately committed to design development and the social upliftment of the communities he works with. He adds, “I have invested in guaranteeing security for weaver and printer families, assisting them with health, education, emergency assistance and design dialogues."

'Tussar Tarana' is this season's offering and starts from December 18 to 21 at Ambara.