Balance home energy with Space Alchemy

Published Dec 16, 2013, 4:48 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 12:31 am IST
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.
 Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons.

A confident person comes from a confident home where balanced energies provide an ideal environment for growth and happiness.

Sage Patanjali has described the ideal condition of a man as Swaroop Awasthanam, which means being established in your own true self. To attain this condition, Vastu Shastra prescribes conditions that are necessary to create a fulfilling, ideal home and atmosphere.

Whereas, if you are prone to nervousness, extreme shyness and are easily frustrated, you need to examine your home through the four-step MahaVastu lens to detect the flaw in balance.

All the energies contained in the sixteen MahaVastu zones in your home can be tuned to align themselves with the Universal energy or consciousness. When there is a clear link between you and the Universe, the flow of energy is established.

Unfortunately, in today's topsy-turvy, fast paced life, most people are easily disturbed by the slightest disturbance, and this shows that major energy imbalances exist in their homes.

All 16 vastu zones in one's home should be balanced. But one zone especially must be healthy to promote your confidence. This is the south-southeast vastu zone -the zone of power and confi dence. It grants both mental and physical strength. And mental strength reflects in the form of confidence.

Confidence boosts health.

You can control your thoughts positively. Immunity is established with a set of healthy genes and the right attitude. Nervousness, anxiety, fear, anger and frustration -all these emotions sap immunity. Negative thoughts and emotions are harmful, just like an afflicted zone that will ultimately erode your mind and body. Hark back to what a psychologist does -he talks you into a confident state of mind and by realigning you, helps you repair your damaged psyche. The vastu cures act much in the same way, restoring the balance in the zones which sets things right automatically.

According to Vastu Shastra, the south-southeast vastu zone is where oil/ghee ideally should be kept, as it promotes strength. Check this zone and do the needful to ensure this zone is in balance. To make a few suggestions -avoid keeping shades of blue or black here as they lead to fears and lack of confidence. This has been observed and proven in doc umented vastu case studies done by certified Maha Vastu experts. An occupant can lack in strength also due to presence of a shaft or a cut in this portion of the house. By applying a colour strip of red or green, these problems can be managed without resorting to demolition or reconstruction in a house.

Also, analyse the north vastu zone as it influences your career and opportunities. The south vastu zone takes care of relaxation and fame, the north-northeast vastu zone helps in maintaining health and the south-west vastu zone provides energy for skills and relationships.

If you have a satisfying career, good health, are a skilled and talented person with a pleasant social circle and a helpful official network, you will be fine.

Space Alchemy or Vastu Shastra is the art of balancing elements and energies in your space so that you find the golden mean. Lack of confidence is often triggered by focusing on what you lack in comparison with others. Let go of such unhealthy feelings to be more confident. Just cleaning north-east vastu zone of anti-colours and keeping a dustbin in south-southwest vastu zone will help you maintain a positive state of mind.

You can learn these MahaVastu solutions yourself on the basis of practical vastu case studies. Else, seek an expert's advice. The balances suggested above are guaranteed to infuse confidence into every aspect of your life.

Try these ancient prescriptions for confidence and change your life. Become the master of your life, and take it exactly where you please, ably and confidently.

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