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Curtains are an easy way to add spice to any space

Often a belt, a chain or a watch adds volume to your attire. Accessories, as meager as they may seem have their own way to spur or mar the object they are used along with. Beautiful curtains can take a room from drab to fab in mere minutes. From linen curtains to gorgeous silk panels, curtains are an easy way to add spice to any space. They give a room a finished, plus look.

Your budget, tastes, needs and decorating style, together with the amount of light you wish to achieve in the room, will guide your decisions as you consider numerous possibilities. But while choosing your style of curtains make sure you pick one that fits best to the over all feel or theme of the room.

Layered curtains have been in the game for quiet some time and have made a mark of their own. Layering that incorporates a sheer curtain or shade provides privacy without losing light, an ideal solution for windows that are overlooked. Shades in wonderful natural fibers, such as bamboo or hessian, add texture to a room. Wood blinds and faux-wood blinds are easier to maintain than pleated blinds or curtains, ideal for the kitchen windows. The more rigid the blinds, the easier they are to clean.

Living rooms with French doors can have solar blinds (or perforated blinds) as they reduce the glare and heat from the sun and protect your precious furniture from the harsh heat. Another popular windows cover is light filtering sunscreens that resemble Japanese interiors. The luminosity they confer on large windows are indeed fabulous.

For a more restful sleep, an opaque blind is a good choice in bedrooms. It can be concealed behind a valance or dressed up with attractive curtains. Other options are rigid horizontal blinds or fabric blinds combined with some layers for greater opacity. Whether you opt for custom-made or ready-to-wear drapery, the options are endless.

The writer is an architect who is passionate about the spaces she designs as well as dances in

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