Fragile beauty

Published Dec 13, 2013, 4:49 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 11:45 pm IST

When we think of glass, we primarily think of its functions -to keep out the cold, let the light in or merely allow a view.

But for artist K. Prabhakaran, glass is a beautiful and engaging medium of art that holds the gaze while creating an enchanted feeling.

Prabhakaran has spent the last 25 years pursuing his passion. He explains his process, “After creating a design, I do a life-size outline of the drawing. Glass pieces are then cut into particular shapes and held in place with lead rods, which are then soldered and polished on both sides."

Prabhakaran's work holds pride of place at the Muscat International Airport, the palace of the Sultan of Oman, as well as the villas of other royal families in Muscat.

He is currently in the process of setting up an exclusive art gallery in Kochi. “People in India are not very familiar with glass art. It's not even taught in our academic institutions. So this gallery is a prelude to popularising the art form," says Prabhakaran, whose love for the medium borders on obsession.

“No other medium is so crystalline, transparent and pure. It is as delicate and sensitive as our hearts. Learning the technique itself takes at least a year. Creation is a painstaking and time consuming process and you have to be extremely careful as you can't rework. This art is easy to understand but difficult to practice," he points out.

“Since it is transparent, the balancing of light and shade needs a very a delicate handling," the artist adds.

Prabhakaran also shares his dream project -a unique glass art museum in the national capital. “What I have in mind is a glass museum in the shape of a globe, showcasing our country's historical events, our achievements in art and literature, science and technology, and the art and culture of each region. I have written to the Prime Minister for permission to begin the project," he says.



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