Rajesh's escape to happiness

Published Dec 10, 2013, 4:39 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 11:09 pm IST
Rajesh Nair happy with the reviews his film 'Escape From Uganda' (EFU) has received.
Director of 'Escape from Uganda', Rajesh Nair, with wife Usha.
 Director of 'Escape from Uganda', Rajesh Nair, with wife Usha.

It is a true labour of love.

Shot amidst dangers in a land that Rajesh Nair called home, he is happy with the reviews his film 'Escape From Uganda' (EFU) has received.


Rajesh says, “Everyone craves and expects success and I am happy with the response to my film."

Contrary to other filmmakers who prefer to scream from rooftops that their film is not inspired, Rajesh is frank enough to admit that part of the film takes its course from true life incidents and part from a film titled 'Anything For Her'.

EFU is a story about a family trapped in Uganda and their flight to freedom.

Rajesh chose Uganda as the setting for the film because of the notorious image the place already has.

Speaking about the experience, he says, “Uganda is a place where film shootings do not happen routinely. For every travel to our locations, we had two police vans escorting us with armed gunmen as guards. Though not as horrifying as the image the outside world has, one can never predict anything!" Rajesh mentions the extensive support he received from the government.

Rima Kallingal, who has a bold image, proved that she really has nerves of steel.

Narrates why, Rajesh says, “Rima is very scared of snakes and she was initially reluctant to hold one but she eventually wrapped a python around her neck. Remember that this is a black python, which is very oily and slippery and weighs 32 kgs and is 12 feet long. It can easily crush a person to death if not handled carefully!"

Rajesh has got some projects in the pipeline which are under discussion. Thrillers are his forte and how he would like to explore that. Incidentally, his wife Usha is the costume designer as well as the producer of the film.