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Anna Hazare cries betrayal on eve of fast

Published Dec 9, 2013, 11:30 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 11:02 pm IST
Social activist Anna Hazare addresses a press conference in New Delhi. -PTI
 Social activist Anna Hazare addresses a press conference in New Delhi. -PTI

Ralegan Siddhi (Maha): Accusing Congress of 'betrayal' on the eve of his indefinite fast over Janlokpal, Anna Hazare said on Monday that time has come for the UPA government to deliver on its promise or quit.

He castigated the UPA government for continued delay in passage of the Janlokpal Bill, pending in the Rajya Sabha, saying it was unbridled corruption that proved Congress' undoing in Assembly elections in four states.

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"The results of four Assembly polls have shown that people are angry with the present ruling alliance headed by Congress, specially on account of uncontrolled corruption, non-passage of Janlokpal Bill and basic issues affecting the common man," Hazare told reporters.

"The people have given a mature reaction for strengthening the democratic process. Congress betrayed the people who responded appropriately," he said. "The Centre lacks the will to end corruption and time has come for it to act on its commitment or leave," he said.

When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh can pledge to get the communal violence bill passed in Parliament, why can't he do the same for the much-delayed anti-graft law, he earlier told a press conference.

Recalling his earlier fast in Delhi for anti-graft watchdog, Hazare said, "Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter saying that Government is ready to bring Janlokpal Bill and said please end your fast. I trusted her and ended my fast. "I didn't know that this UPA government will betray the public and me," he said.

Lamenting that despite a written assurance the Government had not enacted the law even after a lapse of two years, Hazare said when people came out on the streets and his hunger strike was underway, the Janlokpal Bill was passed in one day in Lok Sabha.

After that, the bill went to the Standing Committee, then to the Rajya Sabha and to a Select Committee, he said. "I will sit on hunger strike from Tuesday and continue my fast till the passage of the Janlokpal Bill in Parliament," he said.

"This bill came to Rajya Sabha after being passed everywhere and only discussions on it were left. It has now been over a year and the bill is just lying in the Rajya Sabha and there are 71 Congress MPs there. The bill is still stuck there," Hazare said.

He said he got several letters from the Government that the bill will be brought in the winter session of Parliament in 2012.

Later, he got another communication, saying the bill will come in the Budget session and then a promise was made that it will figure in the Monsoon session.

"The Monsoon session has also gone by. And that is why, we are left with no other option. That is why from Tuesday I will fast at Ralegan Siddhi," he said.

"Our fight will continue for the right to reject, right to recall and for the creation of a corruption-free India," he said.

He also slammed Opposition parties for not pursuing the cause of Janlokpal Bill effectively.

While congratulating Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party on the success in their maiden tryst with electoral politics in Delhi Assembly polls, Hazare maintained his stand of not supporting any political party including AAP.

Hazare acknowledged AAP's efforts in bringing about a change in the country's political culture and appreciated Kejriwal's stand of rejecting opportunistic politics by deciding to play the role of a constructive opposition.

Maintaining that he was not averse to receiving support of political parties including AAP in his campaign for Janlokpal, Hazare, however, made it clear he would not share a platform with political leaders. 



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