The power of 11.12.13

Go ahead, start something. Because according to experts, its quite literally, the perfect day

The year 2013 is packing a surprise for all those who believe in the power of numbers and that cosmic connect. According to astrologers, the upcoming date 11/12/13, packs the power to launch “new beginnings" - be it in education, your career and even childbirth.

For example, 11 refers to twins and that's why, experts claim, couples who conceive on the day are most likely to be blessed with well, twins. Citybased astrologer and numerologist Daivigna Sharma explains the phenomenon further.

“To understand the date better, let me start by saying that the date, and the year 2013, is important for women. And that's why women can expect to see much success in their ventures - especially if they start the process on this particular date. So, if Hillary Clinton decides to start campaigning for the American presidential elections, chances are that she will be successful. And that brings us to the second point. The date 11/12/13 is auspicious for the start of any long-term venture or enterprise. I strongly suggest those who are planning to build a hotel, a hospital or even a school... to start on that date. Also, for those stuck in a rut (like a continuing legal case) a fresh attempt at a solution should work wonders. For professionals too, it's a date that can trigger brilliant ideas. For engineers it's a day to start building and even those in the movie industry, can see their project turning into a hit."

The date is also backed with another mathematical sequence. The sum of 11, 12, and 13 is 9 and even for our neighbours, the Chinese, 9 is considered to be 'lucky' and it means, long lasting. The day also signifies the planet Mars, which makes it very influential.

“There's that too. But India stands to benefit more, because the land is considered 'karma bhumi'. So, when compared to other time zones, we stand to reap benefits of the 'unseen force' the most," adds Sharma.

But what about the state of AP, which has undergone much turmoil this year. While Sharma maintains that politics (because it's a long-term venture) benefits from the date, others feel the year overall, could turn bad.

According to the predictions made by award-winning astrologer D. Ramalingeshwara Vara Prasad, the state will experience “a mixed bag".

“There's a chance of natural calamities and the state's hopes may not flourish. And for ruling powers, times are indeed changing."

The case of calamities is true because, there are certain elements to watch out for.

“Water. Ventures must not start near a water body. Water has been a volatile element this year and it's being seen as a destructive force, which even 11/12/13 can't stop or prevent. But besides that warning, I do highly recommend the day for new beginnings."

So, hope you have things planned... because the day is indeed, magical.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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