Plan your lasting legacy

Published Dec 7, 2013, 5:39 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 10:31 pm IST
The world will remember what you gave to them

Recently, I was praying at beautiful St. Aloysius Chapel in Mangalore, which is painted with hundreds of glorious figures. The church is named after a very noble young man, Aloysius Gonzaga, the heir to the Marquis of Castiglione who devoted his life to others and died while working with the victims of plague on the streets of Rome.

This chapel was built in 1882. Every inch inside the chapel is painted on canvases and frescoes. The paintings were created by young Italian Jesuit priest Antonio Moscheni, who spent his entire life creating eternal beauty in chapels all over India, finally dying in Cochin, while still painting. In the process, he gave the greatest gift to the mankind -a gift of himself.


Just like these two, there are many things we can give to others. We can create time for those who need it, talent to help others learn, thoughts and ideas to those in a real mess and treasure to the poor. It's not just Santa who brings gifts -each of us can.

Life is a transitory thing. But each of us has the opportunity to leave an indelible footprint on life. This can be done only when we do something for others.

No one cares about how much we took, what fine homes we lived in, what gorgeous clothes we wore, the amount of money and property we grabbed from others. The world remembers what you gave, the trees you planted, the children you nurtured, the people you comforted, the lives you saved.

So begin planning your legacy today. During Advent, Christians all over the world spend the next few days, till Christmas, reflecting on the past, seeking forgiveness and planning for a more noble future. Spend the next few days thinking about your lasting legacy on this Earth.

Dr Rekha Shetty is the author of Innovate Happily and Innovation Secrets Of Indian CEOs