24-hour city helpline to curb cruely to animals

Chennai is all set to get a 24-hour helpline to tackle cruelty to animals.
Chennai: In a first-of-its-kind in the country, Chennai is all set to get a 24-hour helpline to tackle cruelty to animals. The helpline, equipped with an animal control centre, will provide callers basic inf­or­m­ation on parasitic inf­e­ctions and zoonotic ail­m­ents (those that tran­sfer from animals to hum­ans).
Besides attending to animal rescues, the centre will also provide cou­n­selling on animal welfare and solutions to pro­b­lems like the stray dog menace. The 24-hour hel­pline (1800 3010 1900) will be toll free and will guide the public to help animals under emergency and stress. The centre will encourage and motivate animal lovers and citizens on issues related to animal welfare, said S. Priya, director, (R&D), Scan Foundation, an int­er­national charity wh­ich will run the centre in South Chennai as per the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Board of India.
All general queries will be free of cost. The centre will approach the forest department to extend the service to wildlife.
There are animal welfare organisations and NGOs who rescue animals in distress, but this service is being widely app­reciated. “It’s a welcome move. A round-the-clock helpline line will reduce incidents of cruelty to animals. Chennai and its suburbs are witnessing frequent culling of dogs and therefore, su­ch a helpline is very much needed,” said Dr Je­r­old, animal welfare of­f­i­cer, AWBI.
“The stray dog problem exists and children get terrorised. Something ha­s to be done to address both animal rights and public safety,” said Ms Ja­yashree Francis, a private HR consultant.
So far around 2,500 volunteers have been roped in TN and Puducherry, said Hari Krishnan of the Animal Control Ce­ntre. Any animal-related doubts can be clarified, complaints can be registered against animal cruelty, and abandoned and missing pets can be registered at the centre.
( Source : dc )
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