Made Snana set to begin, top court ruling a blow to activists

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah finding it tough to ban the controversial ritual 'Made Snana'.
Mangalore: With the Supreme Court ruling last year that 'Made Snana' cannot be banned, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah would find it tough to ban the controversial ritual of devotees rolling over plantain leaves with leftovers at Kukke Sri Subrahmanya temple and other temples, from Saturday to Monday.
"The Supreme Court has ordered status quo. We have nothing to say but follow the court order," chairman of temple administration committee Krishnaprasad Madtila told Deccan Chronicle even as members of Karnataka State Backward Class Protection Forum led by its president K S Shivaramu threatened to stage a protest in front of the deputy commissioner's office on Saturday, demanding a ban on the ritual. Shivaramu said, "Siddaramaiah had opposed this when he was leader of Opposition. As Chief Minister, he should take steps to stop this practice. On one hand, the government should take measures to ban this ritual, and on the other those people who have food here (Brahmins) on whose leftovers people roll, should themselves take the initiative to stop this."
This practice was questioned and opposed by progressive thinkers and several organisations in the high court. In November 2012, the state government informed the high court that it would alter the ritual and allow devotees to roll on plantain leaves with "naivedyam" offered to God, and not leftovers.
But in December 2012, the apex court stayed the order of the high court and held that status quo should continue following a plea by supporters of the ritual. Therefore, the ritual was not banned last year.
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