IM training human bombs to hit Narendra Modi

Simi claims IM had attempted to kill Modi using a human bomb at least three times.

New Delhi: Two top operatives of the banned Students’ Islamic Movement of India, Abdul Wahid Khan and Uber Sidhhiqui, told intelligence agencies and the National Investigation Agency that in a major shift in its modus operandi, the Indian Mujahideen is now training “human bombs” to target top political leaders, including Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, in the election season.

Khan and Sidhhiqui were arrested by the Chhattisgarh police last month on a specific tipoff from Central agencies which had intercepted some calls in Arabic in which Modi’s name had figured.

The duo made some startling disclosures, including IM’s plan to unleash the “human bombs” on VIPs once they hit the campaign trail for the coming Lok Sabha polls.

The Simi operatives also claimed IM had attempted to kill BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi using a human bomb at least three times during the recent Assembly campaign but failed due to the heightened security around Modi.

The revelations have thrown the security establishment into a tizzy as the IM is not known to use human bombs or even fidayeen (suicide squads).

( Source : dc )
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