Nikita Thukral's back to filmi fundas

Published Dec 4, 2013, 6:16 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 9:58 pm IST
Actress Nikita Thukral, who went through a traumatic year is back to films and new projects.
Nikita Thukral.
 Nikita Thukral.

The actress who once faced the toughest hurdle in her career and personal life is back on track.

Reports of Nikita Thukral's involvement in the marital problems of a leading Sandalwood actor, who was eventually arrested and spent time in jail before he was released, took a toll on the actress. 


As talk slowly dissipated, and the actor returned to normal life, Nikita Thukral's career did take a beating. She is back now, stronger and more focused, with a hand ful of projects including her recently concluded Hindi film 'Traffic'.

Nikita was also the only female contestant who managed to stick around till the last rounds of the Kannada version of 'Bigg Boss', giving Vijay Raghavendra and Arun Sagar tough competition. She reveals, “There are always ups and down in every artiste's career. Few years ago, I was one of the busiest actresses in Sandalwood, working round the clock. I was so busy that my assistants had a tough time adjusting to my hectic schedule. Then came a phase when I had very little work to do and it lasted over six months."


Ask her about the trying time and the backlash from the industry, and Nikita feels that she was targeted by a few people, “Such an incident should not have happened to me. I strongly believe that it might have been 'karma' that I had to suffer through it. I have learnt a lot from it and I am a strong believer and never once questioned god on 'why me?'"

Post her 'Bigg Boss' venture, which garnered her a large fan following, Nikita is busy with more than just her Sandalwood commitments.

Her forthcoming Kannada project 'Ring Road Shubha', is already making the right noises in Gandhinagar.


Though the film is said to be based on a fictious character, it is an open secret that it is based on the sensational murder case of a techie killed by his own fiancée. Nikita says that it was a great opportunity for her to portray such a character.

“The movie is based on a real life incident, in which a female commits a murder at the spur of a moment. Portraying the character and thinking of how such an act could take place, eventually changing the lives of so many connected to an innocent victim was a great experience."

On whether she plans to come back to small screen, Nikita feels that for every artist, it is a dream to progress into Bollywood and further.


“After all my hardwork, I ventured into Bollywood with 'Traffic', which is a remake of a Malayalam movie. I am busy with other language films apart from Sandalwood. I am also in talks with two films in Kannada."

While strongly refusing to respond on whether she will ever be seen acting alongside “the" Sandalwood actor, Nikita reveals that she does not want to talk about it right now and would take things as they come in the future.