BJP opposes Rayala Telangana

‘Address concerns of Seemandhra people for support.’

Rajahmundry: The BJP has vehemently opposed the Rayala Telangana move by the Congress and added that it will support formation of Telangana state consisting of 10 districts of Telangana region and Hyderabad as its capital only.

The party also persuaded its national leadership to support Telangana Bill in the Parliament only when the Centre addresses the concerns of the people from Seemandhra region.

However, MIM stirred up a Hornet’s nest along with some leaders from Congress and other parties by demanding formation of Rayala Telangana.

The BJP leaders said, “As the Congress is adopting votebank politics, it is allowing a series of issues to crop up and intend to gauge the public mood as to how they are reacting to various proposals on Telangana issue.

There is utter confusion on the status of Hyderabad and also on the status of Bhadrachalam division. Some leaders say let Ram temple be in Telangana region while Bhadrachalam be restored to East Godavari district.”

BJP national executive committee member Somu Veerraju said, “A group of senior Congress leaders are calling the shots without knowing the ground realities on the Telangana issue.”

( Source : dc )
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