The Belle rings in filmdom

Published Dec 3, 2013, 5:40 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
VJ Anushree is gearing up for her Sandalwood debut film, where she plays a demure village belle.

This striking television anchor made headlines for her bold and glamourous fashion sense. Now, VJ Anushree is all set to steal the limelight with her acting skills in her debut movie, 'Benki Patna'.

With a hearty laugh and a bold approach towards controversial topics, the lady who was once the uncrowned queen of Kannada television has taken to films with aplomb.


A Mangalorean beauty, she entered the industry, after being spotted in one of her performances in college. “Though it sounds clichéd, anchoring happened to me by chance. When someone asked me to anchor a show, I moved to Bengaluru and have been here ever since."

Though she makes it sound easy, she says it was quite tough initially. “It was not an easy task and I used to laugh a lot. The person you see on camera is different from who I am."

Speaking about her bold fashion sense which was criticised, she says, “When I began experimenting with my outfits, people found my style bold. But I just found my space and thus created a style statement."

Acting happened to her after performing two art films and then participating in the Kannada version of 'Bigg Boss'.

She says, “I got a lot of offers after this. Even the art films that I worked on, were critically acclaimed and that is when I had the confidence to get into cinema."

Currently she is filming director Dayanand's 'Benki Patna' where she plays a village belle. She explains, “I play a character called Pavani who is non-glamourous. The script is not a mass-entertainer and that is why I have signed the movie."