Exam fear drives medico to suicide

Postgraduate medical student commits suicide by injecting poison.
Hyderabad: Afraid that she would fail her exam, a postgraduate medical student from Punjab killed herself in her rented room in Trimurthy Colony, Mahendra Hills, on Saturday. The incident came to light on Sunday.
Dr Sailaja Sharma, 31, injected lethal medicines in two saline bottles and administered the same to herself, said sources.
Dr Sharma, daughter of Sukhdarshan Kumar Sharma who runs a school, was a native of Bhatinda. She had come to the city to take her Diplomate National BoardCentralised Entrance Test and was preparing for her exams on December 7 and 8.
Sources said that Dr Sharma had completed her MBBS from Sholapur and had later joined the South Central Railway Hospital College and completed her postgraduation in Ophthalmology between 2009 and 2011. She had taken her final exams on the subject (Ophthalmology) in December 2012 but had failed. She didn't want to fail again.
“After her exams last year, she had gone home. She returned six months back. But as she was preparing, she feared failing as she was finding it hard to recollect what she had learnt,” said Tukaram Gate inspector B. Sudershan Reddy.
Sailaja leaves note
On Saturday between 3 pm and 4 pm, Dr Sailaja Sharma, a PG medico from Punjab, injected Succinylcholine (causes rapid muscle break down) and Thiopentone (depresses the central nervous system) into a 25 per cent saline bottle and administered it to herself which resulted in her death.
“She tied the saline bottle to the window and lied down on the bed. As the maid was asked not to disturb when the door was closed, she returned on Saturday evening. When she came again on Sunday at 11 am, she found her dead. There was a chair across the door, which was not bolted,” Sudershan added.
A suicide note was found beside Dr Sharma’s bed. “Even if I fail a second time, my parents will not scold me, but I cannot take that. So I am injecting (here she mentioned the medicines) and killing myself. My last wish is that please don’t make this a news. Don’t tell my friends that I committed suicide, but just tell them I died of a heart attack.”
Dr Sailaja’s friends said she was a brilliant student who had never failed before. They added that the subject was tough and needed hard work.
Her landlord Vishnu, said that she was always with books. “She did her studies staying here. We came to know what happened from the maid.” informed us," he said.
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