Seeding creates chaos

Published Nov 29, 2013, 2:11 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:56 pm IST
Wrong feeding is one of the prime reasons for delay in money transfer.

Anantapur: K. Shivasankar Reddy, a private employee of Modern Housing colony of Anantapur, was surprised after receiving a service message that his LPG subsidy amount was transferred to Syndicate Bank in Anantapur, though he had no account at the Syndicate Bank.

Earlier, he had received a subsidy amount of Rs 501.63 transferred to HDFC Bank in Anantapur, which was only submitted to get LP gas subsidy.


It is not only Shivashankar Reddy; but many of the LPG consumers have been facing such problem, due to unclear seeding of unique numbers at the banks and also LPG dealers.

Shivasankar Reddy, who approached the HP Gas office, at Buddappa Nagar, came to know that his details of Bank Aadhaar seeded status was connected to Syndicate Bank and the subsidy Rs 578.29 was also transferred on November 13.

HP Gas authorities checked out the details of the consumer and suggested to him to meet Syndicate Bank as there was no alternate solution.

An official who was dealing with the cases lamented many of the consumers were facing similar problem, even after receiving subsidy during previous transactions, directly to their original bank accounts.


Sources said, the dealers were receiving number of complaints connected to the transfer of subsidy to other banks though they had no way connected.

When contacted Anantapur Bank Manager, Raghavendra, observed that the LPG dealers were giving CDs and other formats for linkage of Aadhaar card numbers to transfer subsidy amount.
There might be wrong feeding of bank names, was another reason behind the issue.

Normally, a person has to open bank account at the concerned bank.  The Lead Bank Manager said he would check out the connection with seeding names of LPG consumers without having bank accounts.


Meanwhile, the LPG gas dealers are not in a position to clear doubts for the consumers those who have not been receiving subsidy for months together.

For instance a customer, Sarojamma, submitted her Addhaar number at SBH branch in Anantapur two months ago, but did not receive any subsidy.

Banks say the seeding of Aadhaar would take at least one and a half month, but thousands of consumers were unable to receive subsidy. “I’m paying full amount for the cylinder,” she said.

The Joint Collector, S. Satyanarayana, who reviewed with the bankers and sales officers of oil companies directed to clear doubts from the public who were not receiving subsidy, months together.


Location: Andhra Pradesh