Honey Singh's 'angrezi beat'

Published Nov 29, 2013, 4:48 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:59 pm IST
Controversial rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh now wants to go international

One of India’s most controversy-loving singers is now all set to become an export.

Yo Yo Honey Singh, of "Angrezi Beat", "Dope Shope", "Lungi Dance" and "Ethir Neechal", is apparently highly encouraged with the speed his new video touched heights on YouTube and other social media, internationally. His new single, "Blue Eyes", hitting 10 million views on YouTube in just 20 days, and according to insiders his dream of taking his brand of Indian music international doesn’t seem that far off.


International Ambitions

Born as Hirdesh Singh in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Honey took interest in music at the age of 13 while practicing the tabla and singing devotional songs in gurudwaras.

It was his wish to make his music pan-Indian that got him into singing and song writing and today he is being offered Rs 70 lakh for a song in the Naseeruddin Shah starrer 'Mastaan'.

About being the highest paid singer in Bollywood, Honey says, "It's fun; and I am grateful for all the love my fans have given me, but this is just the beginning. I have a bigger goal, and that is to take my music international." He, however, adds that he has no intention of giving up rapping in Indian languages.


Work hard Party Harder

Honey loves partying in Dubai as he says that's where he can go "full throtle". The artist is also a sucker for sports car and owns a Audi R8. But when it comes to his dream ride, he says it's has to be Lamborghini. In fact in the music video of 'Blue Eyes' he is seen riding a white Lamborghini.

Haters Gonna Hate

Honey saw the flip side of fame and success when he faced flak for 'in-your face' lyrics , "...I turn a blind eye to all that and focus all my energy in my work. My success is the answer to all of them," he says, adding, "The kind of songs I sing have existed in Bollywood for a long time. In fact, the reason my music is so popular among the youth is because I sing in their own language, in their own slang, and about their lives." About the few who disagree, Honey says, "Jisko jo bhi hai karna woh kar lo, (Let them do what ever they want)," quoting a line from "Lungi Dance".