MVIs go digital to find violators

Inspectors using smart phones as assistants.

Visakhapatnam: The motor vehicle inspectors (MVIs) in Visakhapatnam have switched to digital technology to track motorists violating rules.

They are using smart phones as personal digital assistant (PDA) device, connected to the database server at the road transport authority office, which on entering the registration number of the vehicle, would provide all updates, including violations regarding non-payment of road tax, breaching road rules, road permits and many others.

The MVIs have recently begun using smart phones to save time, both theirs as well as that of motorists. They are generating challans, regarding fine for violation of rules, with the help of smart phones, and giving them to motorists on the spot on NH-16 in the city and other parts of the district.

“We have stopped demanding for papers from motorists on the road and wasting time as the details are just a click away, said M.B. Raju, a senior MVI.

Earlier, MVIs used to check the papers of motorists for violation and that some of them used to give them a slip saying they had forgotten the papers at home or other stories.
But now, smart phones are helping MVIs to spot violators easily.

Meanwhile, the other staff at the RTA said they also want PDA devises, which are user-friendly, technically advanced instruments, equipped with extensive database, bigger keyboard and other features like GPS-enabled navigation. It will operate from one common network, connecting the RTA officials across the state.

( Source : dc )
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