Congress MLAs to Siddaramaiah: Stand firm against opposition tactics

Legislators ask Siddu to ignore BSY, seek more money for MLA development fund.

Belgaum: Ruling Congress party MLAs have requested the Chief Minister to conduct the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meeting on a regular basis rather then confining it to the session. At the CLP meeting held here on Tuesday, they made it clear to the government that it should not yield to the pressure tactics of the opposition, particularly when it came to policy matters.

Senior Congress legislator Ramesh Kumar said that it is quite natural for the opposition parties to attack the government which should not give in to them including former Chief Minister Yeddyurappa's demand for extension of Shaadi Bhagya to all communities.

Mr Kumar also wanted the government to ensure floor co-ordination in the House so that MLAs and ministers can effectively counter the opposition charges.

A few legislators felt the CLP meeting should be conducted on a regular basis which would enable the legislators to discuss various issues including implementation of budgetary programmes.

They wanted the Chief Minister to increase the MLA's local area development fund and also complained that the government has not released the funds till now. The Chief Minister assured them that the government has started releasing the funds and any anomalies in releasing funds will be rectified.

Congress legislators also discussed the dharna of former Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on the Shaadi Bhagya scheme. Some legislators felt the Chief Minister should ignore his dharna by allowing the Speaker to conduct the business as usual.

The Chief Minister also made it clear that the government will not request Yeddyurappa to withdraw his dharna, instead it was left to the Speaker to take a decision.

Muslim legislators of the party expressed concern over the fact that the BJP and KJP were trying to divide communities on the Shaadi Bhagya issue. They requested the government to enhance the amount set aside for the scheme. Only 10 to 15 Muslim brides will benefit from the scheme according to existing norms, they said and wanted the government to draw more beneficiaries.

The government is unlikely to give in to the pressure of sugarcane farmers and opposition parties regarding their demand to enhance the sugarcane price. With the price fixed at Rs 2500 per tonne, there was no need to enhance the price.

The previous government had decided on the the same price last year when sugar prices were ruling at Rs 36 per kg. Now the price is only Rs 26 per kg, the government said.

( Source : dc )
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