Banks seek 10 days to secure ATMs

As of Tuesday, 1,037 ATM kiosks were closed across the city by the police due.

Bangalore: As of Tuesday, 1,037 ATM kiosks were closed across the city by the police due to a lack of adequate security; but bank authorities stepped up and requested city commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar to give them 10 days time to install CCTV cameras and alarm systems in all kiosks.

Claiming that the tender process to acquire the necessary security systems was long and tedious, the bank officials sought extra time, saying they would need at least 10 days before they could comply with the prohibitory orders issued by the commissioner last Thursday.

They also requested the commissioner for permission to re-open the closed ATM kiosks, with the assurance that round-the-clock security would be provided outside said ATMs. However, Auradkar said an appropriate decision would be taken after convening a meeting with the home department.

Auradkar also told reporters that the city police were still trying to track the suspect who brutally attacked 38-year-old Jyothi Udaykumar in an ATM last Tuesday. “A team of city police has been sent to Andhra Pradesh to gather intelligence about the suspect and his whereabouts. We have, however, been unable to establish his identity so far,” he said.

Refuting allegations that releasing visuals of the ATM butcher to the public was hampering investigations, a senior police officer told DC on the condition of anonymity, “The pictures, posters, and video footage we released of the suspect is primarily to help the public beware, as he is still at large and very dangerous. Moreover, if anyone recognises him from the photographs and informs us, we can nab him immediately.”

( Source : dc )
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