A Ray of BONGhomie

Published Nov 27, 2013, 7:03 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Sandalwood actress Aindrita Ray will soon be seen in her debut Bengali flick, called 'Bachchan'.
Aindrita Ray.
 Aindrita Ray.

Sandalwood's pretty damsel, Aindrita Ray says that she is on cloud nine, and why shouldn't she be? Given that Raja Chandra's 'Bachchan' will mark her debut in the Bengali film industry.

The actress quips she could not have got a better break, given that her first film is a remake of the Kannada film 'Only Vishnuvardhana', that starred Sudeep and Bhavana in the lead. Aindrita chats with us all the way from Kolkata while wrapping up her shoot, about her films, travel and her plans for the future.


Considering that the lass is a Bengali, it comes as no surprise that shooting for the film took her back to her roots and renewed her bond with the culture. The film is near completion with a few songs remaining. From what we hear, they will most probably be shot in the picturesque locales of South Africa.

“I play Bhavana's role while Jeet (Bengali actor) is portraying Sudeep's role," she informs.

Justifying the delay in accepting a Bengali project, Aindrita says the reason it took her so long to venture east was because she was tied up with her work down south.

Meanwhile, with her Sandalwood big budget film, 'Bajrangi's' release, she has her hands full. “It was one of the most expensive films in Sandalwood so far, and its TV rights alone cost a whooping Rs 3.5 crore," says the actress.

With 'Bachchan' coming to a wrap soon, one wonders what her future plans are.

“I am busy planning my next vacation. I will most probably head to Belgium for the Tomorrowland Music Festival which I have wanted to attend for a while now," says the actress who admits that she is a party animal.

“I usually don't party in Bengaluru because there is barely any privacy there. I prefer partying in other cities," she reveals, recalling a rather intriguing incident, “Years ago, I had gone to a girl's college in the city for a movie promo. I had the students pulling my cheeks, tugging at my hair and clothes. It was quite a startling experience."  

Speaking of the limelight, Aindrita seems to have gotten her fair share of it this year. Without getting into details, she asserts, “I will always keep my personal life away from prying eyes, unless of course I get married. Also, it is humanly impossible for me to justify and clarify everything I say or do." Now that's food for thought, don't you think?

So what about settling down? The 28-year-old states nonchalantly that there is plenty of time, given that her elder sister is yet to finish her studies. “I come from a very liberal family that does not lay restrictions and timelines, so I guess I am safe for now," she ends.