Unfit vehicle rattles RTI?official

Published Nov 26, 2013, 12:55 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:20 pm IST
RTI commissioner Tantia Kumari, on Monday, has expressed displeasure over the attitude.

Visakhapatnam: RTI commissioner Tantia Kumari, on Monday, has expressed displeasure over the attitude of the revenue officials in  arranging an unfit vehicle for her travel, despite her instructions.

Angered over the negligence of officials, she boarded an auto-rickshaw near the collectorate to reach her destination. 


Kumari, who arrived at Vizag from Hyderabad, travelled in a vehicle arranged by the revenue officials to attend a meeting with the officials and principals of various colleges at the collectorate in the city.

Sensing that the vehicle was not giving a smooth ride, she asked the revenue officials to arrange another vehicle to reach the airport after the meeting.

However, the revenue officials ignored her words and continued with the same vehicle for her travel to various other places after the meeting.

Finding that the same vehicle was left at her disposal, she boarded an auto-rickshaw at the collectorate.


An annoyed Tantia Kumari told a section of newsmen that she felt insulted as revenue officials did not heed to her words. She also said that some officials in the higher education department were deliberately spoiling the bright future of the students by delaying issuance of certificates. 

The RTI commissioner expressed anguish over the colleges principals for not attending the meeting with necessary records and documents.

Location: Andhra Pradesh