Trainers face heat for baton exchange fumbles

Kochi: Experts pointed fin- gers at trainers for pushing the kids too far and not sticking to basics.

Mounting pressure to win resulted in many fumbles in the 4x100metres relay heats.
Six teams were disqualified for fouls committed during baton exchange. Experts pointed fingers at trainers for pushing the kids too far and not sticking to basics.
Among the disqualified teams in the sub-junior boys category were Ernakulam and Malappuram in the first heats and Palakkad in the second heats. The second, third and fourth runners of the respective teams had accepted the baton outside the 20metres demarcated as the exchange zone.
Kozhikode and Idukki teams fouled in the senior boys' and girls' categories respectively while champions Palakkad fumbled in the junior girls' event.
“Coaches have to teach these things. Runners are allowed to stay at least 10m behind the exchange zone and make their start when the teammate approaches.
This helps them to accept the baton within the zone,“ said Olympian Mercy Kuttan.
Meanwhile, some coaches pointed out that the caution lines were not properly marked on the tracks. Apart from the numbering at the finishing point, the white lines marking the lanes and starting posi tions and the yel low caution lines had faded.
“These are lessons for the young athletes. Only when you commit mistakes will you learn. During my younger days I've also made some silly mis some silly mistakes, but eventually we learn to correct ourselves, which is more important,“ said Olympian Shiny Wilson.
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