Government hospital MRI scan under repair

Published Nov 25, 2013, 4:52 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:14 pm IST
It was a tough day for Radhakrishnan who had come all the way from Tiruvanamalai to Chennai.

Chennai: It was a tough day for Radhakrishnan who had come all the way from Tiruvanamalai to Chennai for his wife’s treatment at the Rajiv Gandhi government general hospital (RGGGH). His wife Pachaiammal, who has a speech defect, was asked to have an MRI scan done, but was referred outside the hospital as the MRI machine at the RGGGH is under repair for the past few days.

“I spent Rs 4,500 for the scan at a private scan centre outside,” remarked Radhakrishnan. The cost of the scan at the hospital premises would have been around Rs 2,500.


When this reporter approached a duty doctor with the scan report and asked about the status of the MRI scanner inside the hospital, the doctor said the machine was under repair and it would take a month to get it repaired.

“You want to take the scan only in this hospital?” the doctor asked, and stared for a minute. “It is under repair now and we are directing our patients outside,” he said.

A number of patients were also found waiting outside the radiology department for a long time, for taking an X-ray or a scan. Amaravathi, a cancer patient, who is also suffering from jaundice, was seen lying on the floor, waiting in front of the radiology department.


“We were asked to come yesterday, but were sent without taking the scan. Today, once again we have been waiting for more than an hour but the scan has not been done till now,” said her husband.

“There are more patients thronging this hospital, compared to any other hospital in the city and that is the reason behind delays and equipment malfunctioning as the machines are put to use without a break,” said a senior doctor at the hospital.

“The MRI scanner will be ready in a week’s time,” the doctor assured.

Location: Tamil Nadu