TCS likely to open largest delivery centre in Hyderabad next fiscal

Published Nov 25, 2013, 9:53 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:18 pm IST
IT firm to open its largest delivery centre in city that will accommodate 26,000 staff.

Hyderabad: India's leading software firm Tata Consultancy Services is likely to open its largest delivery centre at Adibatla here by early next fiscal.

Executive Vice President and Global Head-HR Ajoyendra Mukherjee said the centre will accommodate 26,000 employees. He refused, however, to divulge the investment that is going into the setting up of the centre.


TCS expects 23,000 new employees to join the firm by the end of the current fiscal, he said.

"Today we have over 24,000 people working here spread across multiple delivery locations in Hyderabad. We are building a new complex in Adibatla which is on 79 acres and which will have 26,000 seats. It is something early next financial year we should be able to start our operations in that facility," Mukherjee told PTI.

Company sources said meanwhile that the centre would be TCS' single largest faculty at a single location. On the recruitment process, Mukherjee said as many as 27,000 people have joined TCS so far in the current fiscal and another 23,000 are expected to join the Q3 and Q4.


The company had announced that it will hire 50,000 new people in 2013-14 fiscal, of which 25,000 are laterals. Replying to a query on the recruitment of 25,000 freshers next year, he said they expect around 75 per cent to finally join TCS.

"For FY15 we plan to recruit 25,000. But the joining ratio is 75 per cent. That means of the 25,000 offers we give only 75 per cent will end up joining finally. So we expect around 19,000 will join. If the number is higher we will be very happy," he explained.

About recruitments from Hyderabad campuses, Mukherjee said they make take anywhere between 3,000-3,500 employees next year. Mukherjee, without giving the breakup, said TCS currently has around 2.85 lakh employees spread across the globe. 


Location: Andhra Pradesh