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Looney managers

Published Nov 25, 2013, 8:04 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:17 pm IST
MS Ramiah is holding its management fest, with a quirky cartoon theme, this year.

Management fests may sound boring to many, but the organisers of Perceptions, the annual fest of MS Ramaiah Institute of Mangament, have designed it in such a way that any lay person would want to participate. Perceptions will consolidate its theme, Toons To Tycoons, on December 3 and 4 and also offer prize money of about Rs 1 lakh.

“Generally, a management fest is compared to a war. We wanted to take our management fest to the next level. So, we added cultural events and also reworked our existing events. Keeping in mind the cartoon related theme, we have based each event on a certain cartoon character. For example, the Finance event is based on Uncle Scrooge who is known to possess a fortune and does everything to preserve it. So, this event will test the participants’ ability to cope with the rapid changes happening in the financial world and how they manage to save money,” says Krishna Kanth, a final year student who designed the theme of Perceptions 2013.


The fest consists of various events like Best Manager, Business Quiz, Mad Ads, Business Plan, Treasure Hunt and cultural events.

“Mad Ads is all about the world of advertisements and it will test the participants in five rounds. The event will be based on The Simpsons. One round will require the participants to take a certain product and relate it to The Simpsons and enact the advertisement. Similarly, they have to design posters and fliers for commodities and relate it to The Simpsons in other rounds,” says Abhishek Rao, the brain behind Mad Ads.

Students from Christ University, Mount Carmel College, Alliance Business School and IIBS, wait for this time of the year to participate in Perceptions as it is one of the biggest and most innovative management fests in Bengaluru.

“I participated in some of the events last year, among which, Best Manager and Mad Ads caught my attention the most because of their extremely competitive nature as well as the fun we had while participating. The best thing about the fest is that, along with the fun, it also prepares us for real-life situations through its innovative events,” says Kavya Shetty, a final year student of St. Joseph’s College.