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Amit Trivedi, Loot liya with his music

Published Nov 25, 2013, 8:08 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 8:17 pm IST

His "Sanwar Loo" from 'Lootera' has topped the list of top 10 songs for the year 2013 and so has his Iktara. Meet Amit Trivedi, the man behind these magical tracks, also known as the young and promising face of the Indian music scene. A man of few words, Amit gushes, when he is addressed as the next AR Rahman and exclaims, “That is such an honour and quite overwhelming but, honestly I do not think I can match up to even one percent of what he has achieved.” 

Initially, he was part of a college-band and performed at local gigs, later he composed for television and small time shows. His transition into the film industry took off quite slow and he says that it was his dedication adding, “I would stay in my recording studio for hours and try my hand at different genres. Until, I was offered 'Dev D', I would just keep working and fine tuning it on getting it right.” Since then, there has been no looking back and he feels blessed. Winning the National Award for 'Dev D' boosted his confidence and he explains that his experiments with music made him what he is today.

Explaining about traditional and conventional music elements in his tracks, he says, “I love experimenting with different genres and in recent times, songs play a major role in films and hence there is a platform for composers to try their hand at different compositions.” That being one of the reasons that, his tracks have topped the charts and are always in tune with the film scripts. Speaking about regional film songs like Kannada and Tamil he says, “The songs down South are progressive and ahead of the times, I think that is why we have many remixes from here in Bollywood.”

Performing in Bengaluru for Coke@MTV, he says that he was fascinated by the energy of the crowd,“I loved the spectators here, Bengalureans are intellectually inclined towards music. They recognise the genres and enjoy the variations I do on stage.” As a message to youngsters, he says it is important to practice and adds, “People who are interested in music should take up the art seriously and practice it with dedication. By the end of the day, if one is talented enough they are sure to make it to the top.”     



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