Perumal temple mired in controversy

Temple administration in controversy for mi­sa­ppropriation and bre­a­ching of HR & CE rules.
Chennai: The administration of the renowned Sri Santhana Srinivasa Perumal temple in Mogappair seems to be mired in controversy.
Though the temple adm­inistration claims that the temple is already under the control of the state Hindu Religious and Cha­ritable Endowment depa­rtment, a section of devotees has demanded the HR & CE to bring the temple under its ambit.
Dismissing a charge on mi­sa­ppropriation and bre­a­ching of HR & CE rules as “totally baseless and motivated,” V. Venka­tesh­waran, a trustee of the Sri Santhana Srinivasa Per­umal Public Charitable Trust, claimed that the temple had been brought under the control of the HR & CE as per rule 64 (1) and has non-hereditary members as trustees.
“The same has been prominently displayed in front of the temple,” Mr Venkateshwaran asserted. However, a section of the devotees claims that the temple administration has not been issuing proper receipts to the funds rai­sed by it. On Saturday, a group of devotees staged an agitation in front of the temple demanding the HR & CE to take total control of the temple and post an executive officer. They claimed that a marriage hall was built without obtaining proper permission from the government.
Denying, Mr Venka­tesh­waran said the temple accounts were being submitted to the HR & CE. The trust, which administers the temple, has adopted the Government Blind Sc­h­ool, Poonamallee, and is providing uniform to the students and infrastructure to the school.
Devotees, more parti­cu­la­rly childless couples, visit the temple seeking blessings of Perumal. It is said Mogappair was once Magapperu (meaning “blessed with a son”). This name is derived from the belief that the deity in this temple grants parenthood to childless couples. Later, the name got corrupted to Mogappair.
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