Speaker sends letter on House prorogation

Controversy surrounding the prorogation of the Legislature has finally ended Speaker's letter.
Hyderabad: The controversy surrounding the prorogation of the Legislature has finally ended with the Assembly Speaker who sent the relevant file recommending prorogation of the House that was adjourned on June 21 last. Legislative Council chairman Dr A. Chakrapani, also sent his recommendation to this effect.
Meanwhile, reacting to the media reports on the controversy, the Chief Minister’s Office on Friday sent a communiqué stating that it was a routine affair and admitted that it was a fact that Chief Minister has asked for prorogation of the House to enable the government to issue certain Ordinances.
The communiqué said, “A note was sent from the office of the Chief Minister to the Secretary, Legislature, for initiating the process of prorogation of Assembly/Council.
The reason behind sending the note is that, certain Ordinances are to be issued for the administrative convenience and technically the Ordinances cannot be issued without prorogation of the House. Hence, for the purpose of issuance of some Ordinances, a note was sent from the Chief Minister’s office. Unfortunately, certain news items appeared in media about the issue of prorogation of Legislative Assembly. It is clarified that it is a normal administrative procedure.”
Sources said Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar, who was upset with the reports as well as the other incidents that happened in his constituency, on Thursday, went to his office and sat with Legislature Secretary Raja Sadaram, to discuss the issue. Finally, the Legislature Secretary had initiated the file and obtained the signature of the Speaker.
Sources close to Manohar said he is highly disturbed with certain incidents that happened in his Tenali Constituency wherein few people have organised some demonstrations castigating him for sitting on the prorogation file and listening to Delhi leaders, rather than the Chief Minister, who is the champion for keeping the state united.
“These kinds of demonstrations are not common in Tenali, especially against the Speaker, who represents the constituency. We got information that someone from Hyderabad had contacted few persons in Tenali and forced them to organise demonstrations, this is atrocious,” sources close to Speaker office told this Correspondent.
( Source : dc )
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