Telangana Bill in Winter is doubtful

The Group of Ministers reportedly favours the GHMC area as the joint capital for both the states.

Hyderabad: The Group of Ministers reportedly favours the GHMC area as the joint capital for both the states with a central council which will be set up to safeguard the interests of Seemandhra people living in the city and under the supervision of the Governor.

However, the details of this special working arrangement are not known. There is opposition from the Telangana Congress to making the GHMC area the contour for the joint capital city. They want it to be limited to the Hyderabad Revenue District.

Union minister Jairam Ramesh, who is part of the GoM, rejected the plea of two Seemandhra Union ministers Kavuri Sambasiva Rao and J.D. Seelam that Hyderabad be declared a Union Territory.

They told him that if Hyderabad is made UT,?there will be overwhelming support from Seemandhra people and public representatives for the Telangana Bill. But Ramesh told him that the UT proposal cannot be accepted.

The latest indications are that if the Telangana Bill is approved by the Union Cabinet on November 28, the follow-up procedures may take a little more time before the Bill reaches Parliament. If one goes by precedent, the President will refer the draft bill to the Assembly and give it 30-45 days to respond, as happened when three new states were created in 2000.

Because of the political urgency involved in the Telangana Bill, even assuming the President grants just 15 days time for the AP Assembly to express its views on the draft bill, the possibility of introducing the bill in Parliament during the Winter Session appears to be doubtful.

The Telangana Bill should reach Parliament around December 10. The introduction of the Bill will take a minimum one week and the passage of the bill by the second house (either Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha) will take two days.

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