Fashion for the finish line

Published Nov 22, 2013, 3:51 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 7:42 pm IST
Wondering what to wear for the upcoming 10K run? Here are a few pointers.

Youngsters participating in the upcoming 10K run on November 24 are taking their training seriously. But what many of them are putting more effort into is their attire for the day.

With social networking sites becoming an essential part of our lives, it is very important to look good on the day. At one of Hyderabad’s biggest events, one really doesn’t want to be caught in daddy’s shorts or mum’s old churidar.   So, what will be the fashion for the finish line?


“Gearing up for a run only triggers one thing in my mind and that is comfort. Good sports shoes along with woolen socks, dark-coloured loose shorts or tracks that help you run easily, a good half sleeved t-shirt and wrist bands are what would work for me. Also I would tie my hair in a bun knot or a high ponytail,” says Ishna Rawlani, HR student of St. Francis College for Women. “A subtle lip gloss would add a lot to the face,” she adds.

Twenty-three year-old Nisha Nair, a tax consultant at Deloitte, says one wouldn’t like to look bad in front of the cameras and hence it is important to dress smart. “I would like to look good during the 10K run. What if I end up winning a medal? One wouldn’t want to look bad in front of the cameras. Though the first priority would be concentrating on the run and the second is obviously to look good,” she says.


Swapna Adigari working with AGC Networks Limited says, “This is the first time I am participating and would obviously take a lot of pictures. Hence, it is important for me to dress well.”

Yaser Ahmed, who works with Accenture says the right kind of look gives one the much-needed confidence. “Wearing the right outfit gives you the confidence while you run. I have chosen to go ahead with a red t-shirt, shorts and shoes,” says Yaser.

Fashion designer Gaurav Jagtiani gives the right look for the marathon. “Comfort is the priority here as you would be running. Secondly, wear engineered fabric that helps you stay cool and does not irritate your skin. After having the basics sorted, you can go ahead and plan for the right colour.


People can go in for bright yellow or parrot green as it contrasts well with darker coloured track pants.”

For people who are on the plumper side, Gaurav suggests to not go for clothes that are too tight or too loose.

“Avoid wearing full sleeves as they irritate a lot. I would suggest a darker colour lower, t-shirt with fun graphics and a light colour jacket. Choose a jacket with a front open zip. Pair it up with a bright cap and it would give you a smart look,” says Gaurav.

Quick Tips

1. Comfort should be a priority and one should wear fabric which helps the skin stay cool and doesn’t cause irritation.
2. One could wear a bright coloured top with darker lowers, teaming it up with a front zip jacket and a bright cap.
3. People on the plumper side should refrain from wearing anything too tight or too loose.