Empowering women

Published Nov 20, 2013, 3:52 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 7:18 pm IST

While discussions and debates rage on about the physical humiliation that women face on a day to day basis in every walk of life, not much is done to provide any relief. The recent incident where a girl was molested in a private bus has shaken the conscience of a man who has decided to do something about it in his own way. 

Jaleel Gurukkal who runs the Lubaina Kalari Centre at Chembumukku in Kochi is offering a week-long free kalari classes for women and children to get their first lessons in self defence.

Jaleel says, “Kalari gives immense physical strength which can help a woman retaliate in the face of danger. I will teach them basic self defence lessons whereby a woman can get the better of her attackers with some simple moves. Most women do not react to provocations, where as I believe that to react is the first important step which will instantly draw attention."

Jaleel says that it is not only Judo or Karate that has self defence techniques but also Kalari that most people are not aware of.

Asked why he wants to offer free classes Jaleel says, “Money is not the only factor in life, a moral commitment to society is also necessary. I myself have five sisters and want other women to feel safe too. If any assailant attacks one of my students and they get the better of him, that would be my reward!"

For further details contact: 99471 55239.



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