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Demand for Rayala-T gathers steam

Published Nov 18, 2013, 12:53 pm IST
Updated Mar 18, 2019, 6:52 pm IST

Anantapur: With the Centre apparently is heading towards state division process and not considering agitation, the Samaikyandhra activists of JACs of Anantapur district, extended support to Rayala-Telang-ana demand merger of Anantapur and Kurnool into Telangana, if State division is inevitable.

As non-political JACs of various departments and sections rocked the agitation on the decision of state division in the district, it sent strong signals.

The  Sunday’s meeting on ‘Save Anantapur,’ organised by senior Congress MLA, J.C. Diwakar Reddy and DCC president K. Madhusudhan Guptha was a platform to acquire support from the JACs towards Rayala-Telangana.

Diwakar Reddy, who has been raising his voice on Rayala-Telangana proposal, organised the meeting ‘Save Anantapur’ at Kanyaka Parameswari Hall in New town here, with political parties, int-ellectuals and JAC leaders.

Addressing on the occasion, Diwakar Reddy opined the Centre was speeding the process of division which would badly hit the drought-hit Anantapur district, which had no proper water allocations.

“We have depended only on flood water from Krishna and poor allocation from Tungabhadra river, no project had assured allocation from Krishna waters,” Diwakar Reddy said and added he was sticking to Samaikyandhra but also to concetrate on future of Anantapur.

Sensing again the agitation between Coastal and Seema districts, within few years, in Seemandhra state, Diwakar Reddy alleged that the ministers and other MLAs in the district were in fear to express their views supporting R-T state.

Justifying why the split is required from Chittoor and Kadapa districts, he observed Telangana leaders were vexed with political domination of two districts.

“I am trying to convince Telangana leaders to support the Rayala-Telang-ana proposal merging Kurnool and Anantapur,” a senior MLA said. He also said meetings would be organized at all parts of the district seeking support to R-T proposal from November 28.

Anantapur DCC president, K.Madhusushan Guptha, lamented that the division, carving out of 10-districts, means Telangana sending a death note to Anantapur district.

“We could not get drinking water from the time the Telangana Chief Minister occupied the chair,” Guptha assessed and adding that Rayalaseema was already split in states reorganization and there would be no seriousness in dividing the four districts.

The resolutions supporting Rayala-Telangana would be sent to Union Minister of State for Railways, Kotla Jaya Suryaprakash Reddy, to put in the next GoM (group of ministers meeting).

Leaders from various parties and JACs extended support to the proposed Rayala-Telangana State to save Anathapur district from serious clutches of drought. “We fight for Samiakya-ndhra, but simultaneously propose for Rayala-Telangana.” The MIM, BJP parties extended support for the proposal.

Location: Andhra Pradesh


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